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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Times

Current processing time (the time it takes an order to ship) is 3-5 business days.

Delivery time (the time it takes an order to arrive once shipped) is dependent on method selected at checkout.


Product Ingredients

Deep Fizz strives to provide as natural a product as possible. Many of our ingredients are organic. All are phthalate free. Our Synthetic Fluorphlogopite (a type of glittery mica) is a wonderful alternative to typical cosmetic glitter due to it's ability to naturally breakdown, meaning it won't make it's way into landfills or waterways. Lastly, Bioglitter uses plant cellulose instead of plastics. Bioglitter won't dissolve in your bath water but is not harmful to waterways or marine life and is in fact (safe) food for microscopic marine life due to it's composition.


Cancelling an Order

Orders can be cancelled prior to being moved to "production." We ship fast however so this is generally considered the same day an order is placed. Please contact us immediately if there are any concerns with your order 


Refunds and Returns

Returns are allowed up to 30 days from date of purchase, however, due to health concerns bath and beauty products cannot be returned if opened or used. Refunds will be allowed if a product is substantially damaged during transit rendering the item unusable. Images will need to be provided in these instances as proof required by our insurance carrier.



Please contact us for detailed wholesale information and terms.